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macOS and Compatibility

nuxBot currently only runs on macOS Ventura (latest version of macOS) and on the Intel chip. There is no guarantee that nuxBot will run on the M-series/ARM-based chips (e.g. M1, M2). Due to compatibility reasons, there is no nuxBot GUI on macOS and a nuxBot GUI on macOS is currently not planned. When the nuxBot web interface is released, the web interface may or may not be available on macOS. We’ll try to bring the web interface to macOS when it’s released, but it needs to be macOS compatible first.
There is no direct way you can use the GUI on macOS, but you could start nuxBot on another PC/laptop/server with Linux, Windows or Raspberry Pi OS, create your config via the GUI and then push the config over to your Mac. If you don’t have another PC/laptop/server then you can either run nuxBot directly from a virtual machine with Linux, Windows or Raspberry Pi OS or you create a config on this virtual machine and push the config over to your Mac.

nuxBot is always updated to the latest macOS version. If you are running nuxBot on macOS and you are updating your macOS, we would advise you to wait until nuxBot is updated to the latest version on macOS first.

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