• Fixed: API keys are no longer automatically written in lowercase on some exchanges that shouldn’t be lowercase.
  • Fixed: Only one slot could be used in v2.0.8, even with a PRO license.
  • Fixed: Fetching license server information on PRO license would fetch wrong data.
  • Added a copy button for strategies.
  • Fixed that on many exchanges the wrong exchange name was used and therefore it was not possible to trade on them.
  • Futures pairs are now automatically removed from the pair selection on spot exchanges.
  • Futures-only exchanges are now automatically removed from the exchange selection list as long as no futures support exists.
  • Added the ability to use a nuxBot standard license. (nuxBot standard license will be released soon. More info coming soon.)
  • Fixed “Alternative Coin Selection (for Leverage Tokens)” Trade PnL in console giving error when no trade is open.
  • New Feature: Alternative Coin Selection (for Leverage Tokens) (Beta, more testing required) -> This feature lets you trade a leveraged token pair using the indicator & profit calculations of the main pair. This is useful if you have a good strategy for a non-leveraged pair and want to apply it to a leveraged pair without creating a new strategy.
  • Possible fix for “Could not find a suitable TLS CA certificate bundle.”
  • Fixed buy/sell disabled preventing trading with other pairs.
  • Fixed trading core crashing on Raspberry Pi.
  • Added trading core restart if core crashes.
  • Fixed backtesting trying to use wrong exchange names (especially on Linux, Raspberry Pi and macOS)
  • New Indicator: IRIS-Trend Indicator (With the IRIS-Trend Indicator you can, for example, only allow purchases if trend is up or down)

  • Increased candle fetching from 350 to 500 candles (You can now see more candles in the chart)

  • Fixed issue with bybit testnet not working

nuxBot now has addons and the first addon we release is backtesting. 🥳

  • Added backtesting (addon)
    • The backtesting feature allows traders to simulate their trading strategies on historical market data. This powerful tool enables traders to optimize and refine their trading strategies with ease, providing valuable insights into the potential profitability of their strategies before applying them to live markets. Backtesting empowers traders to fine-tune their trading strategies, minimize risk, and boost their profitability.


  • There is now Martingale DCA, effectively doubling your position with each order and it can help recover losses more quickly.
  • There is now “Automatic chart reload” which automatically reloads the charts.
  • The chart page is now better optimized for mobile devices.
  • Numbers in the dashboard and notifications are now better rounded.
  • Added “Disable Buy after Sell/SL”: If enabled, “Buy enabled” will be disabled for the pair after a Sell/SL.
  • Fixed Profit% of Trades showing wrong information at Profit and Loss Analysis Bars.
  • Fix bot won’t sell with v2/v2.0.1 generated config
  • Fixed Bug in Simulated Trading where real initial trades were occasionally sent to the exchange or no order was opened when Simulated Trading was turned off.
  • Bug fixes and small changes:
    – Fixed bot throwing an error if apikey/apisecret/passphrase contained “%”, “(” or “)”.
    – Fixed bybit fetching too old ohlcv data.
    – Fixed bybit trying to open futures position, instead of spot.
    – Fixed bybit not supporting “/” in pair name.
    – Fixed checking for update not checking after a period of time.
    – Fixed bybit fetching wrong wallet balance.
    – Fixed temporary files sometimes not getting removed.
    – Changed that now several DCA options can be activated at the same time.
    – Removed some exchanges that no longer exist.
    – Removed desktop GUI

    Now to the new and special features:

    – nuxBot now has a web interface. 🥳
    It is now possible to change all settings via the webinterface, view statistics (e.g. wallet balance changes, profit per pair, profit and loss analysis, trade analysis, …), view charts of pairs showing buy points and much more.
    – Now it is also possible to use multiple pairs and exchanges with different strategies on the same instance.
    – Added install wizard when running nuxBot for the first time
    – Added pair suggestions when adding pairs.
    – Changed calculation for calculating profit% and profitQuote
    – ATR-T buy and sell now have their own settings/are no longer calculated together.
    – Added Discord webhooks integration for receiving notifications for your trading activities
    – config/strategy settings that are missing are now automatically added and set to the default values.
    – nuxBot no longer runs in single threads, but uses multiprocessing for everything, means everything is faster now.

    and the bot is now also faster, if you clicked on Start Trading, the bot usually needed a few seconds before it started calculating, now it’s almost instantaneous, of course it depends on how good the cpu is.

    Important: This version cannot simply be replaced with the old one, since the entire save structure has been changed. Please let your old bot close the trade first, then create a completely new folder with the new version.

  • The correct DCA buy amount is now displayed in telegram notifications for a DCA.
  • Calculating indicators has been made faster.
  • TG Notifications: “Amount” has been changed to “New Balance”.
  • When selling: The correct balance is now displayed after the trade. 
  • When selling: PnL now shows how much profit you have made in quote currency.
  • FTX and FTXUS are now removed from the Exchange dropdown menu.
  • Raspberry Pi builds now have colored Buy & Sell notifications on Telegram.

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