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Join our Affiliate plus system and get even more earnings than anyone else!

Earn even more money for sales made by yourself and the affiliates you recruit and increase your earning potential!


Earn 20% on every sale through your affiliate link!


Track your earnings easily within the nuxBot affiliate dashboard!


Our MLM program lets you earn more by recruiting affiliates and getting a share of their sales.

Already an affiliate plus? Access your affiliate plus dashboard here!

Maximize your earnings by becoming a nuxBot Affiliate Plus and earn 20% on every sale made through your unique link – that’s 5% more than a normal affiliate!

As an Affiliate Plus, you’ll also have the opportunity to increase your earnings even further by recruiting other affiliates into our multi-level program. You’ll earn 6% on sales made by Tier 1 affiliates, 4% on sales made by Tier 2 affiliates, and 2% on sales made by Tier 3 affiliates – that’s 1% more for each tier than a normal affiliate.

With a generous 30-day cookie time, you’ll still earn your commission even if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase within 30 days. Plus, enjoy the convenience of payouts in USDT on the Solana Blockchain.

All you have to do is support and advertise various nuxBot activities at least twice a month, help nuxBot gain traffic and guide new users to register and obtain a nuxBot license, and actively promote nuxBot while maintaining its image and assisting users with general inquiries.

Who can join Affiliate Plus?

  • Content creators such as YouTubers, Streamers, cryptocurrency community leaders, KOLs, industry influencers, media authors, and others with a minimum following of 250 people who are willing to promote nuxBot.
  • Cryptocurrency-related websites and other websites related to cryptocurrency.
  • Existing affiliates (non-Affiliate Plus) who have made multiple sales through the affiliate system and/or have multiple sub-affiliates (tiers) that have generated multiple sales.
  • Promotional agencies, organizations, etc.

And even if you don’t have enough followers, you’re still welcome to apply – we’ll carefully review your application and consider your unique contributions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your earnings as a nuxBot Affiliate Plus!

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