Use case

nuxBot is mainly used as a fully automated spot trading bot.

nuxBot has various features such as:

✔ Unlimited trading pairs & strategies
nuxBot has no restrictions on how many pairs you can trade. You are free to decide how many pairs and which ones you want to trade.

Unlimited exchange connections
With nuxBot you can connect an infinite number of exchanges. We have no limitations. We have a list of over 80+ exchanges that are supported. You can find the list here.

✔ Infinite nuxBot Instances
nuxBot has no restrictions on how many instances you can open. If you want to run multiple strategies on multiple exchanges across multiple instances, you can do this without any problems.

Easy to use interface
You can easily change everything about your currently running bot via the nuxBot interface. Everything is straight forward as everything is labeled and if you don’t understand a setting feel free to look it up in the nuxBot Wiki. A web interface will be added in the near future.

Confirming indicators
To improve your strategy you can add confirming indicators to buy and sell.

For example: Only allow buys when RSI is below 30 or allow sells only when RSI is above 70. The settings are fully configurable.

Currently there are:

  • EMA
  • RSI
  • ADX
  • Stoch

and more will be added upon request without hesitation.

ATR trailing buy & sell
ATR trailing buy & sell is used to get better entry and exit points.

As an example: Profit target of 1% has been reached but the price keeps going up. ATR trailing sell follows the price until the price falls slightly. This gives you more profit. The same goes with buys. Price is below EMA but ATR trailing buy follows price until price goes slightly up.

Telegram integration
nuxBot can send you notifications on Telegram when the bot buys, buys DCA or sells. A Discord webhook integration is planned.

Dollar cost averaging (DCA)
With DCA, additional purchases are made when the price falls. This allows you to reach a lower average price per unit when prices moves down, making for a lower possible profitable sell price.

The behavior of DCA is configurable. You can set the following options:

  • DCA when your trade is at -x%
  • DCA when High Bollinger Band drops below your last purchase price. You can adjust the BB length yourself if you want.

You can set a limit for DCAs and how much per DCA Buy should be bought.

Balance options
You can set how much QUOTE Currency nuxBot should use per trade. You can also set this for DCA buys.
In addition, there is a maximum DCA option so that an infinite number of DCAs are not made.

Stop loss (SL)
nuxBot has a stop loss function so that everything is sold at -x% to prevent further losses.

Simulated Trading
Simulated trading is used to test a strategy beforehand with non-existent money. This is called paper trading and all trades that the bot would make are only simulated. No trades are sent to the exchange.

✔ Further features can be added upon request. To do this, simply contact us via the Contact page.

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