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When you become a nuxBot affiliate you get 15% on every sale through your affiliate link!

Why should you become an affiliate?
We offer you:

  • 15% on every sale through your affiliate link.
  • The chance to increase your earnings by recruiting other affiliates into our multi-level program.
    You’ll earn 5% on sales made by Tier 1 affiliates, 3% on sales made by Tier 2 affiliates, and 1% on sales made by Tier 3 affiliates.
  • 30 days cookie time. That means if someone clicks on your link, if they get a license after 30 days, you still get your 15 percent.
  • Payouts in USDT (Solana Blockchain)

and you don’t have to give out any information about yourself. We only need your email and your USDT (Solana Blockchain) address.

Do you want to receive more benefits and higher commissions than a regular affiliate? Then sign up as an Affiliate Plus.

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